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A Simple Android Game App Using MIT App Inventor

We play many games on our Android smartphones, right?Let it be children, teenagers or even adults everyone likes to play games.It’s a great way to kill boredom and it’s quite awesome too.But do you know that there are many people who have the desire to make their own games and play them.I think you are

Android 8.0 Update:Is your Moto Smartphone In The List

The Tech giant Google unveiled its latest Android Operating System, Oreo, in August.Initially, the Operating System was available only for Google’s own Pixel and Nexus smartphones.But now many companies have started getting the Oreo update.Motorola, which is owned by Lenovo, has recently confirmed through a blog post that it will be rolling out the Android

Sarahah App: A Short Guide

If you are a Facebook, Twitter or any other Social Network user, you would have come across an App called “SARAHAH” .Sarahah is an anonymous messaging app, which was launched a few months ago by a Saudi Arabian developer.The app was quite popular in places like Egypt and the Middle East countries, but suddenly it’s getting Protection Status