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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

How to Record App,Game Videos on Windows 10 | Built-In Free Screen Recorder for Windows PC,Laptop

Xbox Game Bar Screen Capture App for Windows 10: Are you searching for a Free Screen Recorder App for your Windows PC? You may not know but your Windows PC or Laptop has a built-in Screen Capture app known as "Game Bar". The Game Bar is part of the Xbox, which comes with the Windows 10.

Xbox game bar free Screen Recorder for Windows 10

The Game Bar is not a substitute for a professional dedicated Screen Recorder software, but it is suitable for recording gameplay and Apps. Also, it comes free with Windows and eliminates the need to install any other software.

The Xbox Game Bar is very easy to use and is used by the gamers who record their gameplay and upload on YouTube and other similar video sharing services. It is only suited for situations when you want to record only gameplay and doesn't have any other requirements.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Game Bar Screen Recorder


  1. Easy to use.
  2. Available for Free.
  3. No third party apps required.
  4. No installation issues.
  5. Can Record Audio and take Screenshots.
  6. Safe and Secure.
  7. Suitable for Gameplay recording.


  1. Can record only Gameplay and other app activities.
  2. Can't record Desktop, File Manager etc.
  3. No advanced tools.
  4. Sometimes crashes while recording gameplay in full screen.
  5. Records only one app at a time, if you exit the app the recording will be stopped automatically.

Steps to Record Screen on Game Bar | Default Screen Recorder for Windows 10 PC

The Xbox comes with the Windows 10 Operating system generally, but if your PC doesn't have then you can download Xbox from the Microsoft's Windows Store. Before following the below steps, just make sure that you have set up the Xbox.

Step 1: Open the Game Bar by pressing the Window + G keyboard buttons.

Game Bar Screen Recorder for Windows 10

Step 2: Now the Game Bar will ask " Would you like to open Game bar?", then select "Yes, this is a game".

Step 3: Click on the Record button or press the Window + Alt + R key combinations. Now the recording will be started and the Game bar will become a floating widget on the top right corner.

Free Screen Recorder for Windows 10

Step 4: To stop the recording of the screen, press the Stop recording button on the center or press Window + Alt + R key combinations, which is same for start recording.

Stop Recording in Game Bar

The recorded video will be stored at the following location, C:\Users\username\Videos\Captures, where username is the username of your PC.

Step 5:  If you want to take the Screenshot then click on the Camera icon or press Window + Alt + Print Screen.

Screenshot and Mic in Xbox game bar in windows 10

So, this is how you can capture the screen of your Windows 10.

Final Words

This was a guide on "how to capture Windows 10 screen using Game bar". If you want a Screen Recorder that has more features then you can go for others, but if your requirement is just recording the gameplay then you can use this native screen recorder for Windows 10.

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