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Saturday, December 22, 2018

Best Budget Gaming Mouse Under Rs.500 in India (2019)

Best Cheap Gaming Mouse under Rs.500 in India:-Are you thinking of buying a gaming mouse and your budget is only Rs.500? Then this list is for you. Here, I have listed the best mouse for gaming under Rs.500.

Best Mouse for Gaming under Rs.500 (2019)

Mouse plays a very important part in gaming. A good mouse enables the users to play the game comfortably. Having said that, the best gaming mouse costs more and many of us can't afford to buy them. But, there are many budget gaming mouse available in the market which are quite good for gaming. Though they are not as good as the high-end gaming mouse, still they get the work done.

Best Gaming Mouse under Rs.500 in India:

These are 6 Best budget mouse under Rs.500 that are listed below. I have also provided the link so that you can buy it directly by clicking on the link. So, let's check out the list.

1. Dragonwar Emera ELE-G11 Gaming Mouse

Dragonwar Emera ElE-G11 Budget Gaming Mouse

Dragonwar Emera ELE-G11 mouse is the top best mouse for gaming under Rs.500 available. The mouse is well suited for those who play games for hours. The design of the mouse is such that there is no pain caused in the hands while playing for a longer time.

The mouse has 6 buttons that aid the player to win the match with much ease. The mouse has 3200 dpi and has 4 dpi settings. The mouse supports Windows OS XP and above, that makes it support almost all of the Windows PC's.

It has gold plated USB with braided cables so that it lasts longer. It has a 1.8 meters wire length, there is no lightning system in this mouse so if you want the one with lightning, choose the other mouse from this list.

Price: Rs.499

2.HP M100 Wired Gaming Mouse

HP M100 Mouse under Rs.500 for Gaming

HP is one of the top Computer manufacturers, they have made a mouse keeping the budget in mind. Although the HP M100 is not as good looking as the others, it is really a good mouse with better build quality. The mouse may look like a normal mouse and not so attractive but it lasts longer.

The mouse comes with 3 buttons and has 1600 dpi. Since it is a wired mouse there is no need for rechargeable batteries. Just plug the USB cable and you are good to go. If you are looking for a good quality gaming mouse around Rs.500 and don't care about the looks then you can definitely choose this product.

Price: Rs.506

3.Cosmic Byte CB-M-04 Pulsar Gaming Mouse

Cosmic Byte CB-M-04 Budget gaming mouse

Cosmic Byte is well known for its accessories like headphones, keyboards, etc. Cosmic Byte CB-M-04 Pulsar is a gaming mouse that many gamers prefer to buy. Although the mouse is not a high-end mouse, still the looks and features of the mouse is astonishing.

The mouse comes with 7 different color lights and has 6 buttons that aid the gamers while playing their favorite games like PUBG, Fortnite. Looks wise the mouse is awesome but the build quality is not up to the mark. But, we can't expect the high-end mouse features in a budget mouse.

Overall, the mouse is good to go for those who are running low on budget and are in need of a gaming mouse.

Price: Rs.499

4.VBTEK X.LUCF Wired Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

VBTEK X.LUC Best Budget gaming Mouse (2019)

VBTEK X.LUCF is a wired mouse that has all the features that can make it one of the best budget gaming mouse under Rs.500 available in the market. The mouse is suited for the First Person Shooting games and comes with 6 buttons that can be programmed. 

The mouse features 4 dpi settings from 800-2500 dpi and the design of the mouse is made such that the gamer can play for a long duration of time. Even after playing for hours the gamers won't feel any pain in their hand. The only thing you need to do is just plug the mouse inside the USB port and you are all set to go. 

Price: Rs.499

5.Mobile Gear XM-502 Wired Gaming Mouse

Mobile Gear XM-502 Budget Gaming Mouse

Mobile Gear XM-502 is a wired gaming mouse that allows us to play games like a pro. It comes with 6 Buttons and has 4 dpi settings. This mouse is preferred by players for playing battle royal games. The mouse can work on any surface and works well even with no mouse pad. 

Mobile Gear gaming mouse comes with a lighting system that makes the mouse look more pleasant and appealing. If you want to buy a mouse with good looks, then you can give this a thought.

Price: Rs. 499

6.TAG USB G3 Gaming Mouse

TAG USB G3 Best Budget Gaming Mouse

TAG USB G3 mouse is the cheapest mouse on our list. This mouse has very good looks and comes with LED lights that can change. It is designed in such a way that gamers will not feel that they are playing for a long time. It is the best mouse with the good design under 300 rupees.

This mouse is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. If you are looking for a mouse for casual gaming, then you can consider this as an option. But if you want for some serious gaming then increase your budget and buy one of the above gaming mice.

Price: Rs.266 + Rs.64 Delivery Charges

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Final Words

I hope you liked this list of 6 Best Gaming Mouse under Rs500 in India. You can choose any one mouse among these according to your budget and needs. If you have any doubts or suggestions then write down in the comments below.

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