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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Custom WhatsApp Stickers: Make Your Own Personalized Stickers for WhatsApp

WhatsApp, the most used instant messaging app recently launched the stickers service for its new version. Since the launch of the WhatsApp stickers, there is a growth in its usage among the users and everybody is loving it. WhatsApp made available some pre-loaded stickers, which also includes the Facebook Messenger's stickers. But many people are not satisfied with the available ones and are trying to find new stickers. So in this article, we will be sharing a short guide on "How to make your own stickers for WhatsApp?". Interested to know the method to make your awesome custom stickers, keep reading.

Make your own WhatsApp sticker | Custom WhatsApp sticker

We will be using sticker maker App for doing this and the app names are, "Background Eraser" and "Personal stickers for WhatsApp".


Make your own WhatsApp sticker | Custom WhatsApp sticker | Sticker maker for whatsapp

Make Your Own Personalised Stickers for WhatsApp

Background Eraser:

  1. Open "Background Eraser" app, after you have installed it from the Play store.
  2. Click on "Load a photo" and select any image you want.
  3. Now crop out the unwanted portions as much as possible and proceed.
  4. Next, erase the background using the tools provided. You can use the "Auto" or "Magic" for removing the unnecessary areas or use "Manual" for manually erasing the background. If you want to restore a portion of the image, then use the "Repair" option.
  5. Smooth the image and click on "Save".
  6. At last click on the "Finish".

Repeat the above steps for at least 3 images as WhatsApp doesn't allow sticker packs with less than 3 images.

Personal sticker for WhatsApp:

  1. After completing the above steps, Open "Personal sticker for WhatsApp".
  2. You will see the images for which you have removed the background and an "Add" button near to it.
  3. Click on the "Add" button and allow it to use on WhatsApp.

Now, your custom made sticker is ready to use and you can send it to your WhatsApp contacts and groups.

Note: Update your WhatsApp to the latest version for enabling stickers.

I hope you liked this short guide on "how to make our own custom WhatsApp stickers?". If you enjoyed reading this then do share this with your friends and relatives. Also, Like our Facebook page for more updates.


  1. Great post... Buddy😎😍😍. Helped me alot.

    1. Glad that you liked it and Thanks for reading.