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Saturday, June 09, 2018

Guide to Resume Interrupted Download in Chrome Browser

You were downloading your favorite game, movie or software on PC and suddenly your download was interrupted. Now, if the file was having a small size it would not take much time to download again. But consider if the size of the file was in GB's then? Downloading it again will consume more time and data. This will really get us tensed.

We can resume the download if we were using a download manager, but most of us don't use a download manager, we just use the browser to download (most probably the Chrome browser).

How to resume failed download in Google Chrome

Google's Chrome browser doesn't allow us to resume the download most of the times and that is a major disadvantage. To prevent anything like this in the future, it is recommended to use the download managers for downloading large files. 

However, to overcome or solve this issue we are going to use the Mozilla Firefox browser as it allows us to resume the failed download. Just follow the below steps to know how to resume failed download in Chrome using Firefox.

Steps to Resume download in Chrome:-

Step 1:

The first step is to copy the URL from Chrome's History.

Copy URL from Chrome History

Step 2:

Next, open the Mozilla Firefox and paste the URL in the search bar and start to download.

Paste link in Mozilla Firefox

Step 3:

Pause the download after it starts.

Pause the download in Firefox

Step 4:

If a download is interrupted in the Firefox browser, it will be saved as a file with a .part extension.

Find that file.

Search for .part extension file

Step 5:

Copy the name of the file along with its extension and delete that file.

Step 6:

If a download is stopped in Chrome for any reason, it is saved as a file with the extension ".crdownload". Find this file and then rename the file with the name that we copied in Step 5 (along with the .part extension).

Search for .crdownload file

In easy words, replace the ".crdownload" with ".part" extension and save the file in the folder in which the Firefox had stored it.

Step 7:
Now, resume the download in the Firefox browser and you can see that the download will continue from where the Chrome had left.

Follow the above steps and your download is done!


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  1. Please add images to understand clearly.

    1. I have added the image.You can now check that out.Thanks.