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3 Best iOS Emulator for Android to Run iOS Apps 2018

3 Best iOS Emulator for Android to Run iOS Apps 2018:-

Everybody loves the Apple products (like the iPhone,iPad,iPod) but not everyone is fortunate enough to afford it. Apple devices are popular across the world for its Amazing Performance, Interface, Unique design etc. So, what stops most of the people buying them? The Price. Yes, as we all know Apple Products costs more and this thus makes many people to not be able to afford it. Android is used by many because its cost is pocket-friendly. But gone are the days when people would just dream of using the amazing iOS Interface, playing the iOS Games and using the iOS Apps. Now, these things can be done even without owning an Apple Product. Yes, you read it right. We can play iOS Games and use iOS Apps on our Android Device with the help of iOS Emulators. Today we will be seeing the "3 Best iOS Emulator for Android to Run iOS Apps".

Best iOS Emulator for Android

So, before we dive into it, let's get some basic knowledge of Emulators.

What is an Emulator?

Whats is an iOS Emulator

As we all know that Applications made for one OS is not supported by other OS. Similarly, Apple iOS Apps are not compatible with Android and vice versa. But with the help of Emulator, we can run the iOS Apps on the Android device.

 An Emulator is a software which emulates the Apps to be able to run on other OS. It acts as a compatible environment for the Apps to run on. For example, the iOS Emulator makes the iOS Apps to run on Android Device by providing an environment similar to that of an Apple Device.

With the help of iOS Emulator, we can play iOS Games and use iOS Apps on our  Android Smartphone. These Emulators allows us to use most of the iOS Apps without Rooting our phone.

Uses of iOS Emulator:-

  1. Access all iOS Apps on our Android device with the help of iOS Emulator.
  2. Play iOS Games on Android Phone.
  3. Test iOS Apps on Android device.
  4. It supports all the Game pads.

How to download iOS Apps on Android?

  1. First, download one of the below iOS Emulator's APK.
  2. Now, install the APK on your Android SmartPhone.
  3. After you have installed the iOS Emulator APK, start using the iOS Apps on your Android.

How to Download iOS Apps on Android

Simple isn't, now let's look at the Best iPad Emulator,iPhone Emulator for Android.

Best Emulator to Run iOS Apps on Android:- 

1. iEMU:-

iEMU iOS Emulator for Android

iEMU iOS Emulator for Android is also known as Padiod. It's the best iOS Emulator for Android as it can Run almost any iOS Apps on the Android Device. It works on both Rooted and Non-Rooted Devices. Its available for free. The iEMU Emulator takes more RAM, if your phone has 1GB or less RAM then it can be laggy. Other than that this Emulator is amazing. It has a very simple User Interface and is very easy to use. Till now no major problem is reported for this iOS Emulator.

The minimum required RAM is 512MB for this Emulator to Run. It is not available on PlayStore. You can download this iEMU iOS Emulator APK by clicking on the below download button.

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Cider Emulator

Another Best iOS Emulator in our list is Cider APK iOS Emulator for Android. This Emulator can Run all the Apple Apps on our Android phone. It is an Open Source project and it is fully free and does not include any In-app Purchases. It is quite famous among the developers as it lets them test their apps on the iOS. This is one of the best iOS Emulator available now. We can play any iOS Games and use almost any iOS Apps on our Android with this emulator. You can download it from below.

iOSEmus iOS Emulator

iOSEmus is a great Emulator to run iOS Apps on any device. This is absolutely free and is very easy to use. Its UI is simple. It has all the app categorized, we can download the apps we want it will open instantly. It works fine with all the devices. You can surely give a try to iOSEmus, it will be worth it. Like other Emulators in the list, this is also free and does not have In-App Purchases. You can download it from below.


These were the "Best iOS Emulator for Android".You can try all the above emulators and choose the best for your needs. But I will advise you all to have proper Security service installed on your phone before trying the Emulators as some of them have Security Loopholes.  

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