Short Guide On Removing movie.bat Virus on Windows 10

Hello guys, I am here with a new article.This time I am going to show you how to remove the movie.bat virus on Windows 10.Many people who do not know how to remove this virus, format their computers which is not needed.Read below to find out how you can delete the virus.

The first thing to know is that the movie.bat virus is a program that is written in the Batch language.So, it has the .bat extension.The virus starts with the starting of the Windows, gets spread to other directories or folders and whenever we try to delete it, it comes back.

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I would not be spending much time on useless talking.So let’s get started.

Short Guide On Removing movie.bat Virus on Windows 10:-

Step 1:- In the search box, search for  Show hidden files and folders and press enter.

Step 2:- In the View tab, click on the Show hidden files, folders and drives radio button under the Hidden Files and Folders option in Advanced Settings and click Ok.

Step 3:- Now, Go to Windows(C:)->Users->Username->App Data->Roaming and delete the batch file which has name vol.

The above steps will allow you do delete the virus which we were not able to delete before.You can then manually delete the movie.bat file from all the folders and drives.

But this is not enough, we still have some steps to stop the virus from starting along with the PC and showing on the home screen.

Step 4:- Go to Windows(C:)->Users->Username->App Data->Roaming->Microsoft->Windows->Start Menu->Programs->Startup and delete the virus and windows file(which is a VBScript  file) from there.This will stop the program from starting with the Windows.

Though this short guide was for Windows 10, but the steps are similar for other Windows OS too.You can follow these steps to delete the virus on other Windows OS.

So, this was the Short Guide On Removing movie.bat Virus on Windows 10 manually.

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