Sarahah App: A Short Guide

If you are a Facebook, Twitter or any other Social Network user, you would have come across an App called “SARAHAH” .Sarahah is an anonymous messaging app, which was launched a few months ago by a Saudi Arabian developer.The app was quite popular in places like Egypt and the Middle East countries, but suddenly it’s getting more attention from the Indian population. The Facebook Newsfeeds are flooded with the news about this app.Today in this post “Sarahah App: A Short guide” I am going to tell about the app which is making the peoples go crazy about it.

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sarahah app

Sarahah App


What is Sarahah App? 

Sarahah App is an anonymous messaging app, where users can send and receive anonymous messages as feedback.Sarahah means “Honest” in Arabic, and the app is used for getting Honest feedback from the peoples.The App by default does not show the identity of the Sender, but the Sender’s can choose whether they want to reveal their identity or not.

sarahah app inbox

Inbox in Sarahah app

Sarahah app serach box

The receiver will not know the identity of the Sender unless the Sender wants to show their identity, but the receiver can delete, flag, reply or favourite the messages in the inbox.

Setting in Sarahah app

Settings in Sarahah app

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The Sarahah App also has some problems with it, because it allows anonymous messaging many peoples are using the app to bully others which can cause some serious problems sometimes.The app has got equal numbers of 5 Star and 1 Star on Google Playstore.Let’s wait and see how the developers are going to solve this issue.The app is available for free on Google Playstore and Apple Appstore.


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