Simple Steps To Know Who Visited Your Facebook Profile

Do you want to know who visited your Facebook Profile?You may want to know this for many reasons like who saw your Profile Picture, which you were flaunting and etc.Today in this short tutorial I will be telling Simple Steps To Know Who Visited Your Facebook Profile.

So, without wasting time lets start

Simple Steps To Know Who Visited Your Facebook profile:-

Step 1:-

First Log-in to your Facebook Account.

Steps to know who visited your Facebook Profile

Step 2:-

Then Right Click on your Timeline and Select “View Page Source” or Press “Ctrl+U” key combinations.

Step 3:-

Now you will get a Page full of Codes.Don’t get confused on Seeing it.

Step 4:-

Next, Press “Ctrl+F” key combination.This is a common step for searching for an information.

A box will appear on the top right.

Step 5:-

Type “InitialChatFriendsList” in the box.

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Step 6:-

A list of numbers will appear next to “InitialChatFriendsList”.

Step 7:-

Scroll down, below the list of numbers  the people who have visited your Profile, their name will appear with the “id

Step 8:

Remember that the first  “id” is the person who visits your profile more often and the last “id” is the person who rarely visits your profile.


So, in this way you can find out who visited your Facebook Profile.If you liked this short tutorial on Simple Steps to Know Who Visited Your Facebook Profile, Please do share this.If you have any doubts regarding this short tutorial feel free to write to me in comments.

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