Making Your Own Android Game Easily Using Appsgeyser

Are you the one who is interested in making your own Android Game, but don’t know how to code, right?No problem today I will show how you can make and play your own game with the help of Appsgeyser.Follow my steps for Making Your Own Android Game Easily Using Appsgeyser

We would be making a Flappy Bird like game in this tutorial.

Steps For Making Your Own Android Game Easily Using Appsgeyser:-

Step 1 :- 

To go to Appsgeyser’s website Click Here

Then click on “GAMEMAKER” which is on the top.

Step 2 :- 

Then click on “Arcade“.As we are going to make a Flappy Bird like game.

Click on “Flappy

Step 3 :- 

In the next screen , Click “Next“.

Step 4 :-

Next, we have to do some “App Settings“. Let’s keep the settings as it is.But if you would like to change anything you can do it.It’s simple.Just select the required one.

Then, scroll down and click “Next“.

Step 5 :-

Enter the name of the app.Here, I am entering it as “Flappy Fish” to differentiate it. Click “Next

Step 6 :-

Now, Enter the “Description” for your app and click “Next“.

Step 7 :-

You will be asked to choose the “Icon“.Let’s keep it as default icon.Click “Next

Step 8 :-

Click on “Create“.

Step 9 :-

Now, we have to register to use our app.I am using “Facebook” for registering.You can use your E-mail also for registering. Click on the two checkboxes at the bottom to agree to their “Terms and Conditions” and also to make money with your app.

Step 10 :-

After registering, you will be promoted to the next screen from where you can be able to publish your app on the “Play Store” and “Amazon App Store“, can download the app, can share your app with your friends and can also “monetize” it.


For publishing your app on the “Play Store” you need to have an account in “Google Play Developer Console“.The joining fee is $25 , which will allow you to publish unlimited apps on the “Play Store” for the lifetime.Click Here to go to Google Play Developer Console’s  site.

Step 11 :-

You can also preview your app by clicking on the “On Screen mobile” emulator.

Below is the preview of the game app.


Step 12 :-

To download the app click on “Download“.

After clicking on “Download” you will get the following Pop-up window

Click on “or test your app” below the “Publish” button.

You will get the screen as below

Click on the “Download” icon.

Now, your app will start downloading as seen below.The app will be downloaded as “.apk”

Copy this .apk file to your phone and then install this app on your Android Phone.

Then you can play the game, which you made yourself. 🙂


How was this tutorial? If you liked this tutorial then share this with your friends and let them also know the Steps for Making Your Own Android Game Easily Using Appsgeyser.

If you have any doubts please write to me in Comments.I will be happy to help you.


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