Simple Steps To Resume An Interrupted Download in Chrome Using Firefox

Are you one of those Chrome users who is facing problem in resuming an interrupted download in Chrome?Don’t worry I am here to help you all.In this post, I am going to write the simple steps to resume an interrupted download in Chrome using Firefox.


Chrome is surely a very good browser, but when it comes to resuming an interrupted download it surely lags behind.You can say that this is one of the major issues in Chrome.

Consider a situation,when you are downloading a large file and suddenly your internet is disconnected.The reason for disconnection of the internet may be anything ,but the thought of downloading the large file again gives us a heart attack.

So, here we go

Simple Steps to Resume An Interrupted Download in Chrome:

Step 1:

In the Chrome Browser, go to History and copy the URL for the file which you want to resume the download for.

Now, open Mozilla Firefox and paste the URL link in the “Search or Enter address” bar and start to download the file in Mozilla Firefox.

Step 2:

When the file starts downloading then pause it.

Step 3:

Whenever a download in Firefox is interrupted, the files will be saved with “.part” extension.

Find the location of this file.

Step 4:

After finding the file, copy the file name (with the “.part” extension) and delete the file.


Step 5:

Whenever a download is interrupted in Chrome, the file is saved as “.crdownload”.Search for this file.

After finding the file, rename the file with the same name and extension which we copied some time earlier with “.part” extension.

In simple words, just change the file name extension from “.crdownload” to “.part” and save it in the same folder in which the Firefox had saved the file.

Step 6:

Open Firefox browser again and resume the download.Now, the download will resume from where Chrome browser had left due to interruption.


In these way, we can resume the interrupted download again and you don’t need to download the file from the beginning.I suggest you all to use Download Manager to download large files and prevent any issues like this.

I hope, the above steps will help you to resume the interrupted download in Chrome.If you face any problem, please write to me in the comments section.


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