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           Hi guys,Akash here.Every one of you in India knows about Reliance Jio,you would be using Jio or you would have seen your friends or relatives using Jio on their mobile or atleast you would have seen Jio’s ads.If you know Jio,you would also know about Jio’s impact in the Indian telecom market.Reliance Jio has crossed 100 million subscribers in a short span of nearly 5 months.

Jio has brought revolution in the Indian Telecom industry with its amazing and unbelievable offers.Jio made all the other service providers to slash the price ,which before the advent of Jio ,was very high.

Jio is free till 31st of March 2017 with it’s ongoing “Happy New Year offer” but after that it will start charging the users for the service.So,the users will not be able to enjoy Jio’s free services after 31st of March 2017.This is really a bad news for the peoples,who enjoyed Jio’s free services.But don’t worry guys,Jio has something good also for all of it’s users.Jio has introduced a new  offer named “Jio Prime”. I know many of you have doubt’s regarding this new Jio plan ,don’t worry  all your doubts will be cleared, just go on reading.


Reliance Jio’s “Jio Prime”

                   Reliance Jio till now  provides 4G services with no cost  but it will soon start charging money for its service after the “New year offer” ends ,which will eventually lead to a decrease in Jio’s subscribers. Jio has came up with a new plan “Jio Prime” for the welfare of it’s subscribers. Even though it is not  free like the previous two offers but it is far more cheaper than the other telecom operators rate.So here is all the information about Jio’s “Jio Prime”.
        The existing Jio users should pay a amount of Rs.99 to join in Jio’s Jio Prime .
        The last date for enrollment in Jio prime is till 31st of March 2017.
        The users can join Jio Prime by paying the amount through MyJio app,, or through the retailers.
        After enrolling in Jio Prime users can enjoy unlimited  calls,sms,4G data and other services like Jio music etc till 2018 i.e 1 year.
        Users will get 1GB 4G data per day and free calls and SMS with a recharge of only Rs303 for a total 28 days, although there are many  plans but this one is the best one for a normal user.
        With this Reliance Jio is providing 1GB data at a cost nearly Rs.10 per day ,much less than its competitors.

     what you should do?

                       Recharge your number with Rs.99 before 31st of March to join.
                       Choose the plan and recharge with the amount.
                       Enjoy Jio benefits for the next 1 year.
(Note: The last date to join Jio prime is 31st of March and those who have joined only will enjoy Jio’s services as per the Jio Prime plan)
Hope, all your doubts are cleared till now .Jio has really brought  a huge chang in the Indian telecom Industry.But now all the other telecom operators have introduced new slashed tariff rates just to compete with the ongoing demand of Jio and to prevent losing it’s customer base.
Here is a link to jio’s original website where you can pay the fee for joining the Jio Prime:Click here to visit Jio’s Site

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