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Nokia , the legendary Finnish mobile phone manufacturer ,which was sold to Microsoft Inc. in 2014 has recently made comeback.In the Mobile World Congress 2017 ,Nokia has re-launched its best selling phone of all time the legendary “Nokia 3310”.There is much fascination for the phone and people are waiting to buy the phone.It’s trending everywhere  and so ,we will see today about Nokia’s re-launch of the  iconic “Nokia 3310”. 

About Nokia:

                  Nokia was the leading mobile phone manufacturer and was the leader of the mobile phone industry before the advent of the smartphone’s.Nokia unlike other mobile manufacturer’s was not able to adjust itself in the growing era of technology with the arrival of the Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android.The introduction of the smartphone’s made Nokia face huge loss.Although, Nokia tried it’s level best by  introducing the Microsoft’s Windows based smartphones but it was not able to garner it’s audience.Hence,Nokia was sold to Microsoft Inc. in 2014.The HMD Global purchased some part of Microsoft’s mobile phone business and came under an agreement with Microsoft which allowed it to use “Nokia” name.

Nokia 3310:

           Nokia launched 3310 model in the year 2000.It quickly became the most selling smart phone of all times with its iconic features.It had numeric keypad and  monochrome display screen.It had sms feature .It also had ringtone ,vibration.The battery life was 55 hours to maximum of 230 hrs.It featured some of the most loved games of that time like the “Snake II” etc.It had no memory for storing contacts.The contacts were stored in the sim.It had excellent build quality and long lasting battery.

Nokia 3310 (2017):

        HMD Global re-launched the iconic Nokia 3310 in the recent MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS 2017 held in Barcelona.The Nokia 3310 is the re-modeled version of  Nokia 3310 launched in 2000.The phone had created many hype even before its launch and has made people to fascinate about it.Although the phone does not look exactly like its predecessor but it has some added features than the original Nokia 3310.Below are the specifications and features of the Nokia 3310  phone:

Specifications and Features of Nokia 3310:

  •        Screen size is 2.4 inches.
  •        Pixel is 240×320.
  •        It has 16 mb memory.
  •        It has Series 30 as the operating system.
  •        It has torch.
  •        It has 2 mp rear camera.
  •        It has battery of 1200 mAh with micro usb charger.
  •        Supports Bluetooth 3.0 and 3.5 mm headphone jack.
  •        It is a 2.5 G.
  •        It supports GSM.
  •        Supports micro sd card expandable upto 32 GB.
  •        Supports micro sim.
  •        It also has the new version of the iconic game “Snake”.
  •        Available in glossy warm red and yellow and matte dark blue and grey colours.
It’s priced at  $49  and it will be soon available in Indian market.The Nokia 3310 will target userbase like the working class peoples and will be a hit in countries like India.

The Nokia 3310 has created much buzz in the market and people want to own it.But there arises questions like:
    Whether the new Nokia 3310 will be as good as the old one?
    Whether the new Nokia 3310 will have good build quality and battery life than the old one?
Similar question arises on HMD Global,will it manufacture the same quality of the mobile phones as the old Nokia phones? Let’s wait and see how good is the new Nokia under the HMD global.Hope, it carries on the same legend like it’s predecessor.So,this article was about the Nokia 3310 mobile.Hope,you all liked it.Bye for now.
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