Social Network has become one of our day to day habits.We can not think of our life without the Social Network’s . From youngsters to senior citizens no one has been able to escape from the claw of the Social networks .It has a serious impact on our lives. So today lets see about the TOP 5 SOCIAL NETWORK SITES IN 2017.


     Founded by the billionaire college dropout Mark Zuckerberg and his colleagues ,as a dorm room project in HARVARD UNIVERSITY in 2004 ,facebook became the most used and the largest social networking site with more than 1.1 Billion monthly active users.Facebook has became a known name in every schools and colleges across the globe. Facebook is not just a social network anymore , it is like a virtual world.It is just behind Google in alexa ranking on number 2. Facebook allows users to post images,videos etc.
Alexa Ranking :2
Member: 1.1 Billion+ unique monthly visitors


             The Google owned famous video sharing website is no less than facebook in comparison to its users which are more than a billion just behind Facebook’s .YouTube allows users to share,rate,upload and view videos.It has its own app on every operating system.Numerous videos are uploaded daily by user’s around the world which is unaccountable.
Alexa Ranking:3
Members:1 billion  monthly visitors


             The Social Network of the celebrities ,as mostly all the celebs use it, Twitter is a  social networking site where the users post and interact with the messages. Twitter messages are called as “tweets” and are only 140 characters long.The popularity of Twitter is growing now a days as many users came to know about the social network.
Alexa Ranking: 8
Members:310,000,000 unique monthly visitors


             The social network of the professional’s LinkedIn is mostly used by the bussiness class.
According to WIKIPEDIA , LinkedIN is bussiness and employment oriented social networking service.Though not as much famous among the common people ,it still enjoys a good user base of the bussiness class people’s.It also has it’s dedicated mobile app.
Alexa Ranking: 9
Members:255,000,000 unique monthly visitors


   Google+ also known as Google plus is a social networking site owned by Google Inc, 
Google+ was Google’s answer to Facebook, but it was not able to stop the growth of Facebook.Although it is not as much famous as Facebook and Twitter but it’s also one of the leading social networking website.It also has dedicated mobile app for all the Operating system’s.
Alexa Ranking:Not available
Members:120,000,000 unique monthly visitors
***All the above members are just estimates***

So these are the Top 5 Social Networking sites in 2017.Also see TOP 3 BEST QUESTION ANSWERS SITES IN 2017

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