Hello Kneekers (this is how we call our reader’s on ,Knowledge+Seekers=Kneekers), how many times have you spent figuring out about the best browsers which full fill’s all your needs and necessities?You would have googled and would have downloaded,installed and tried many browsers,this would have wasted your precious time and as you know “Time is Gold”.We don’t want your time to be wasted.So,today in this post we will see about the Top 5 browsers in the year 2017.

What is a browser?                         

      A browser is an application which allows us to use and browse through the web pages and other such related things.There are large number of browsers present in the market and some of them are offered by large companies like ” Apple,Microsoft,Google “.This large quantity of availability of browsers  makes confusion for the User’s to which browsers to choose from .In this period of time , “browsing” through the web pages is not the only function of the browsers.There are many many necessities for the browsers in this “Digital” era like safety,security,speed etc.
      This is the list for the Top 5 Best web Browsers available in 2017.This list ranges from Google’s Chrome to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.So lets, start form the back that is the descending order of the Top 5 Best Browsers.

5.Internet Explorer

       Microsoft  first launched Internet Explorer in the year 1995 to compete with the growing popularity of the famous Internet Browser of that time “Netscape Navigator”.Microsoft Internet Explorer came Pre installed in the Microsoft’s “Windows” Operating System.Microsoft’s Internet Explorer faced many ups and downs in its lifetime.Sometimes,it was trolled for being slow and sometimes for other reasons .But the latest version of Internet Explorer i.e Internet Explorer 11 unlike it’s predecessors solves many of its previous issues.The latest version of the Internet Explorer  has many users ,has powerful browser experience and is good enough to be on the 5th place in our list of Top 5 Best Browser in 2017

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4.Opera Browser


                                                                 Get Opera Browser

            Opera browser was originally developed by Opera Software (but now owned by Golden brick capital private equity fund).Opera browser is  another famous web browser.The advantages of Opera is that it is a open source and a free browser.It works “Super fast” on even the slow internet connection with its “Opera Turbo”.Opera is used only by 1% of the users and its only much used browser version is “Opera Mini” for mobiles.The popularity of Opera is not as much as that of Chrome or Mozilla’s Firefox , but Opera has its own advantages.It is, if not the safest, but one of the safest  browsers present in the market.With all these features it surely makes entry into our list of Top 5 Best Browsers in 2017 at 4th place.

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3.Microsoft’s Edge

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                    Microsoft Edge is a latest browser from the leading tech giant “Microsoft  Inc.”.Edge is available and is pre installed on Microsoft’s Windows 10 Operating system.Edge is a fast and powerful browser and its also  better than the Internet Explorer.Although Internet Explorer is available alongside Edge but the default web browser on Windows 10 is “Edge”.It has all the features to make it as one of the top browsers.It also has extensions.The Edge browser is integrated with the Personal Digital Assistant “Cortana”.It also has integrated Adobe PDF reader and Flash player.Based on its features ,the Edge browsers makes it to the list of Top 5 Best Browsers at the 3rd spot.
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2.Mozilla Firefox


                 Mozilla Firefox is an free and open source web browser developed by Mozilla Foundation.
Firefox is available on all the leading Operating Systems.Mozilla has advanced features like Download Manager,private browsing etc.Functions can also be added through the add-ons. Firefox provides environment for the users to use the built-in tools.Firefox has a large user base only behind Google’s Chrome. Firefox is an advanced and powerful browser which can give Google’s Chrome a good run for their money.In coming days it will not be a surprise if it becomes the Top browser.

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                                                                       Get Chrome

                              Google Inc.  the largest internet company in the world has everything ,what it takes to be the best company.The company makes software’s ,Operating systems  and other related things.You can always expect something ,which Google makes ,as the best in its category.In the field of web browsers ,the mighty Google has its own web browser named “Chrome”.Surely,it does not need any introduction,since it has a large ,large and much larger user base.It is a powerful and user friendly Browser which is available on all the Operating systems and also available as Mobile apps on OS’s like Android,Windows,iOS etc.There is no doubt in its functioning.It has several built in tools which makes it  better  than its competitors.It has a feature which adds extensions.It’s User Interface is also good ,making it a primary Web Browser choice.It got the number 1 position our list of TOP 5 BEST BROWSERS IN 2017.

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  So,this was our list of the Top 5 best browsers in 2017 .Hope, you came to know about all the popular web browsers from this post.This is a list prepared by us in our point of view ,You can choose your best browser among these.If you want to know about anything else please leave a comment.

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