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3 Best iOS Emulator for Android to Run iOS Apps 2018

3 Best iOS Emulator for Android to Run iOS Apps 2018:-

Everybody loves the Apple products (like the iPhone,iPad,iPod) but not everyone is fortunate enough to afford it. Apple devices are popular across the world for its Amazing Performance, Interface, Unique design etc. So, what stops most of the people from buying them? The Price. Yes, as we all know Apple Products costs more and this thus makes many people to not be able to afford it. Android is used by many because its cost is pocket-friendly. But gone are the days when people would just dream of using the amazing iOS Interface, playing the iOS Games and using the iOS Apps. Now, these things can be done even without owning an Apple Product. Yes, you read it right. We can play iOS Games and use iOS Apps on our Android Device with the help of iOS Emulators. Today we will be seeing the "3 Best iOS Emulator for Android to Run iOS Apps".

Best iOS Emulator for Android

So, before we dive into it, let's get some basic knowledge of Emulators.

What is an Emulator?

Whats is an iOS Emulator

As we all know that Applications made for one OS is not supported by other OS. Similarly, Apple iOS Apps are not compatible with Android and vice versa. But with the help of Emulator, we can run the iOS Apps on the Android device.

 An Emulator is a software which emulates the Apps to be able to run on other OS. It acts as a compatible environment for the Apps to run on. For example, the iOS Emulator makes the iOS Apps to run on Android Device by providing an environment similar to that of an Apple Device.

With the help of iOS Emulator, we can play iOS Games and use iOS Apps on our  Android Smartphone. These Emulators allows us to use most of the iOS Apps without Rooting our phone.

Uses of iOS Emulator:-

  1. Access all iOS Apps on our Android device with the help of iOS Emulator.
  2. Play iOS Games on Android Phone.
  3. Test iOS Apps on Android device.
  4. It supports all the Game pads.

How to download iOS Apps on Android?

  1. First, download one of the below iOS Emulator's APK.
  2. Now, install the APK on your Android SmartPhone.
  3. After you have installed the iOS Emulator APK, start using the iOS Apps on your Android.

How to Download iOS Apps on Android

Simple isn't, now let's look at the Best iPad Emulator,iPhone Emulator for Android.

Best Emulator to Run iOS Apps on Android:- 

1. iEMU:-

iEMU iOS Emulator for Android

iEMU iOS Emulator for Android is also known as Padiod. It's the best iOS Emulator for Android as it can Run almost any iOS Apps on the Android Device. It works on both Rooted and Non-Rooted Devices. Its available for free. The iEMU Emulator takes more RAM, if your phone has 1GB or less RAM then it can be laggy. Other than that this Emulator is amazing. It has a very simple User Interface and is very easy to use. Till now no major problem is reported for this iOS Emulator.

The minimum required RAM is 512MB for this Emulator to Run. It is not available on PlayStore. You can download this iEMU iOS Emulator APK by clicking on the below download button.

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Cider Emulator

Another Best iOS Emulator in our list is Cider APK iOS Emulator for Android. This Emulator can Run all the Apple Apps on our Android phone. It is an Open Source project and it is fully free and does not include any In-app Purchases. It is quite famous among the developers as it lets them test their apps on the iOS. This is one of the best iOS Emulator available now. We can play any iOS Games and use almost any iOS Apps on our Android with this emulator. You can download it from below.

iOSEmus iOS Emulator

iOSEmus is a great Emulator to run iOS Apps on any device. This is absolutely free and is very easy to use. Its UI is simple. It has all the app categorized, we can download the apps we want it will open instantly. It works fine with all the devices. You can surely give a try to iOSEmus, it will be worth it. Like other Emulators in the list, this is also free and does not have In-App Purchases. You can download it from below.


These were the "Best iOS Emulator for Android".You can try all the above emulators and choose the best for your needs. But I will advise you all to have proper Security service installed on your phone before trying the Emulators as some of them have Security Loopholes.  

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How To Make Download Button For Website Using HTML and CSS

Make Download Button Using HTML & CSS:-

Do you have a website and want to make it even cooler by placing a Download button for your Users to Download anything easily or Are you a student learning CSS and want to learn "How to make Download Button using CSS"? If "YES", then you have come to the right place. I will be helping you to make Download button for your Website by using HTML and CSS.

Making Download button for website using CSS

 Why Download Button?

Download buttons are used to assist the Users with downloading anything on the site. Some will ask "Why can't we use Links for helping the Users than the Download Button?". I would like to say that the Links are for helping the Users to navigate from one page to another. Whereas the Download Buttons are meant for a single task of assisting the Users with the Download. Its a straightforward approach rather than like the Link where the users are sent to another page from where they will be downloading their required files. Another thing is that the Users will prefer a Download Button instead of a Download Link because of its Visual appeal.

Now, let's not waste time and directly dive into making our Download Button using HTML/CSS.

Code for Download Button:-

Simple Download Button:-






padding:15px 25px;



box-shadow:2px 2px 10px grey;



<button class="btn">Download</button>



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Download Button with Link:-

Now for this everything is same as above but only addition is the anchor tag. We will be enclosing the button as a link between the anchor tag. Below is the code,







padding:15px 25px;



box-shadow:2px 2px 10px grey;




<a href=""><button class="btn">Download</button></a>



Now, if the above button is clicked it will take us to our Home Page. To make it as a Download button, make sure to insert the link instead of our sites link.


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Sending Mail Using PHP (With Code)

Sending Mail With PHP:-

E-Mails are the important medium of communication and are preferred by Large Organizations and Institutes. If you are a PHP Developer or if you are learning PHP, then I tell you this is gonna be really helpful to you, as sending emails is important to notify the users about anything. You could reduce your work by employing this Function of PHP. Continue reading to find how you could achieve this and make PHP send the emails for you.

Sending Mail in PHP is easy.PHP already has a predefined function for handling mails. The name of the function is mail( ). We are going to use the PHP mail( ) function to send mail.

Sending mail directly using the PHP Function

Mail( ) Function:-

Mail( ) function was introduced in PHP to help users to send mail using the PHP Script. It has five parameters. The parameters to, subject, message are compulsory. The parameters headers and parameters are optional. 


Parameters Explanation:-

to         -> The Recipient E-Mail Address.
subject    -> The Subject of the Mail.
message    -> The Message.
headers    -> Extra details like From,Cc,Bcc. (Optional)
parameters -> Specifies additional parameter.(Optional)

*headers should be separated with (\r\n)

PHP Script for Sending Mails:-

Simple PHP Script for Sending Mail:-



     $subject="This is the subject";

     $msg="This is the message.";


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Send Mail with PHP and HTML Code:-

  <!doctype html>
  <title>Send Mail With PHP</title>
  <form method="post" action="#">
  <label>Enter the Recipient E-mail:</label>
  <input type="text" name="email"><br>
  <label>Enter the Subject:</label>
  <input type="text" name="subject"><br>
  <label>Enter the Message:</label>
  <input type="text" name="message"><br>
  <input type="submit" name="submit">

   echo "Successfully sent mail.";

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After typing the above code and saving the file with filename.php extension. Upload it to your server and you are done.

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GBWhatsApp Latest Version 6.40 Free Download 2018 (June)


 In this era of Technology, everyone around is having SmartPhone.The smartphone is now an important part of everybody's lives. Without the smartphone, we cannot even think of our lives. It has become an inseparable part. We use our phones for day to day activities. From calling to messaging, from playing games to watching movies, we use the smartphone for all these functions. One such thing is Chatting. We chat with our friends and relatives daily and the most used app is WhatsApp for Chatting.

If someone is using a smartphone there is a 99.9% chance that he has WhatsApp installed on his phone. The App is so much famous that it has more than 1 Billion users.WhatsApp is free to download from the Google Play Store. Some of the features of WhatsApp are mentioned below,

Features of WhatsApp:

1. It's free.
2. Unlimited Messages.
3. Can send Photos, GIF's, Audio clips and Videos.
4. Can make unlimited Calls (both voice and video).
5. Easy to use.
6. Good User Interface.

Those were the features of the Original WhatsApp.But we sometimes need some extra features apart from those provided by WhatsApp.We may need to Change our last seen, hide blue ticks, change the theme etc. These things are not possible in the Original WhatsApp.So, people started to make the mods of WhatsApp to overcome those limits. There are numerous mods of WhatsApp available, one such famous mod is GBWhatsApp.And in this post, I am going to tell you about this GB WhatsApp and how you can download this GB WhatsApp Latest Version for Free. 

Continue reading to know about the GB WhatsApp App.

What is GBWhatsApp?

GBWhatsApp is a mod of the WhatsApp Application.GB WhatsApp allows the users to do many things that the Original WhatsApp can't. It has become popular because of its amazing features. A  while ago WhatsApp was banning users who were using mods like GB WhatsApp Plus, WhatsApp Gold etc. But now it has changed, GBWhatsApp is not being banned by WhatsApp. Moreover, GB WhatsApp App is updated regularly by the developers who are working very hard to make it as the Best WhatsApp Mod.

GB WhatsApp latest version free download

The features of the GB WhatsApp is available  below,

Features of GBWhatsApp:

1 Its based on the Latest WhatsApp Update.
2.   Use two accounts on the same phone.
3.   Change the Theme.
4.   New Emojis.
5.   Copy others status.
6.   Hide last seen.
7.   Send videos up to 50MB.
8.   Hide blue tick, second tick.
9.   Hide Typing message.
10. Hide Status.
11. Status up to 255 characters long.
12. Broadcast to 600 members.
13. 90 images can be sent at once.

These were some of the features of GB WhatsApp.

How to Download GBWhatsApp Latest Version for Free?

Now you can't resist yourself from using this app right? Don't know from where to download the GBWhatsApp? Don't worry you can Download the GB WhatsApp Latest Version from here. I have provided the Direct Download Link for the GB WhatsApp free Download below.


* Android Phone with an Active internet connection.
* No need to root device.

It's still not available for the iPhone.

Steps to Install the GB WhatsApp:

Step 1: Download the GBWhatsApp APK from above.

Step 2:  Install the APK.
             Remember that you need to give the permission to allow the installation of Unknown Apps(Apps which are not installed from the PlayStore).

Step 3: Verify the Phone Number and you are ready to use the WhatsApp GB on your Android Phone.

You can use both the Original WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp at the same time. Thus, allowing you to use 2 Accounts at once.

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Guide to Resume Interrupted Download in Chrome Browser

You were downloading your favorite game, movie or software on PC and suddenly your download was interrupted. Now, if the file was having a small size it would not take much time to download again. But consider if the size of the file was in GB's then? Downloading it again will consume more time and data. This will really get us tensed. We can resume the download if we were using a download manager, but most of us don't use a download manager, we just use the browser to download (most probably the Chrome browser).

Resume Interrupted Download in Chrome

The problem with Google's Chrome browser is that it doesn't allow us to resume the download from where it stopped. But don't worry my friend, here I am to help you.

I will tell you how you can resume your interrupted download in Chrome, but we will be using Mozilla Firefox Browser. So below is the Step by Step Guide to Resume Interrupted Download in Chrome using Mozilla Firefox.

Follow these steps to Resume download in Chrome,

Step 1:

In the Chrome Browser, go to History and copy the URL for the file which you want to resume the download for.

Now, open Mozilla Firefox and paste the URL link in the “Search or Enter address” bar and start to download the file in Mozilla Firefox.

Resume Failed Download in Chrome

Step 2:

When the file starts downloading then pause it.

Resume Failed Download in Chrome

Step 3:
Whenever a download in Firefox is interrupted, the files will be saved with “.part” extension.
Find the location of this file.

Resume Failed Download in Chrome

Step 4:
After finding the file, copy the file name (with the “.part” extension) and delete the file.

Resume Failed Download in Chrome

Step 5:
Whenever a download is interrupted in Chrome, the file is saved as “.crdownload”.Search for this file.
After finding the file, rename the file with the same name and extension which we copied some time earlier with “.part” extension.
In simple words, just change the file name extension from “.crdownload” to “.part” and save it in the same folder in which the Firefox had saved the file.

Resume Failed Download in Chrome

Step 6:
Open Firefox browser again and resume the download. Now, the download will resume from where Chrome browser had left due to interruption.

Resume Interrupted download in chrome

And your download is done!

Hope you liked this Guide on How to Resume Download interrupted in Chrome Browser.If you liked then Please do share this. Meet you next time with a new Guide. Don't forget to use Download Manager next time to prevent anything like this :-p